Monday, February 19

The Lieutenant Formerly Known As Prince

Second Lieutenant Harry Wales, or Prince Harry and third in line to the throne, is said to be on his way to Basra.

On one hand I commend him for his commitment. After all he is a Prince and has all the money he will ever need. He could hand pick the girl or girls of his dreams. Live the life of, well, Royalty. America doesn't see as much of this as in the past. Pat Tillman is about the only American recently I can think of that gave up a life of privilege to serve(I'm sure there are more).

On the other hand, this could put his fellow troops and others in the area in a severe danger. One would think that there would be a huge target on his back. Imagine if he was killed in Iraq? And would that escalate this and make a horrible situation even worse?

With that said, I commend and thank anyone who joins ours or any military, but to join when there is a ongoing war is a level of bravery and courage we should all aspire to.