Monday, February 19

Sirius And XM To Merge

As a Sirius subscriber for over four years, I can't tell you how much better satellite is than AM/FM. Whether it's being able to listen to whatever style of music, talk radio, sports, news or weather you want or the ability to get reception regardless of where you live, it's a must. Look at TV, I mean who doesn't have cable or satellite TV?

Today's merger announcement is good for content, but will it be good for pricing? It's good news that Sirius CEO Mel Karmazin will be CEO of the new company. He is a long timer in the radio business and has the knowledge and experience to make this work.

(USA Today) Sirius CEO Mel Karmazin will become CEO of the combined entity, which does not yet have a name. XM Chairman Gary Parsons will be chairman.

Karmazin and Parsons will join the new board of directors — which will have a total of 12 members. XM and Sirius will each pick four independent board representatives. One representative from General Motors and one representative from Honda will also join the board.
Now let's see if the government allows it to go through.