Thursday, October 12

Are We Too Late For Alternative Fuels?

Not to save the planet, but to save America? I admit, after 9/11 I looked only to the Middle East when talking about our dependence on oil. If we found an alternative, we could get out of the Middle East and let Israel and them sort it out for themselves, ya know, like how God would have wanted it. If they only took time to see how alike they are. Like I was saying, if only we could get out of the Middle East.

However, it appears clearer and clearer that our real enemy is only beginning to show their heads, at least to me and to the Council on Foreign Relations.

"The lack of sustained attention to energy issues is undercutting U.S. foreign policy and U.S. national security," according to the new report from the Council on Foreign Relations, entitled "National Security Consequences of U.S. Oil Dependency."

Soaring global oil prices and U.S. continued dependence on huge foreign oil imports has given oil producing nations like Russia, Iran and Venezuela the financial clout and the confidence to defy U.S. wishes on a wide range of issues, the report said.

"Because of their oil wealth, these and other producer countries are free to ignore U.S. policies and to pursue interests inimical to our national security," the report said.
How comfortable are you with the title "The Only Super Power Left" now?