Tuesday, July 1

I've Only Been Saying This For 5 Years

But it is nice to see that the MSM and not just a nobody like me finally has the courage to say it.

(NYT)Who knows how long it will be before the U.S. disengages in any significant way from Iraq. What you can take to the bank is that this country will not make any major advances in energy policy, in health coverage, in rebuilding its infrastructure, in improving its public schools or in curtailing runaway public and private debt until our open-ended commitment to this catastrophic multitrillion-dollar war comes to an end.
And let's not forget that Iraq has severely limited what our military could do in Afghanistan, where the real terrorists are. Not to mention our response capabilities, say if Russia or China decided to play USA and invade a country full of natural resources.

A little more planning and a little less gut reaction would have done this country well over the last 7 years.