Tuesday, March 4

Camp Hillary Pulling Out All The Rovean Tricks

I really, really can't stomach anymore of the Clinton's and their ways of politics. Three more examples of how they will do ANYTHING to win, even act like the Republicans she blasted over the last 16 years. So instead of doing what is best for the party, she takes the Republican mindset and begins her own little religion and race swiftboating of Obama. Whether it was keeping the "Muslim" lie going, putting out an ad that makes Obama look a little blacker than he is or even Camp Hillary's supporters calling Obama Osama bin Laden on a campaign call.

While this might seem subtle to some, it clearly is an attmept for Camp Hillary to either win or take the whole party down with her. While some say, you have to vote for whom ever the nominee is, because McCain will continue the Iraq war for a 100 years. Hillary hasn't really voted differently then McCain, including her vote to approve the war in Iraq. And for me, Iraq has been the most important issue of this election followed by the economy and then everything else. So if I am left with two nominees who both gave approval to Bush to invade Iraq, I will have to find someone else to vote for. And if Hillary and the super delegates steal this election, I really hope Obama makes a third party run at it.