Tuesday, March 4

17 Painful Years Come To An End!

Painful of course is a relative statement. If you were a Bears fan over the last 17 years, there was no one who broke your heart and beat the Bears like Bret Favre. Whether it was the 99 yd TD pass on slant to break open a close game, or the numerous Monday and Sunday night beatings Bret gave the Bears on National TV. So today when I see that Bret Favre has announced his retirement, I was thrilled, and a little sad too.

A player of Favre's ability is rare in any sport today. While a lot of people were probably thrilled that Jorday retired, some of those same people knew that they would never see someone of his ability, regardless of what Kobe and LeBron can do. Likewise, no one will ever be able to recreate Favre's joy, reckless abandon and complete disregard for what a QB is supposed to do. It was win or go home everytime Favre took the field. So while it will be very odd to not see #4 for the Pack on the field, as a Bears fan, it was a long time coming.