Tuesday, November 27

We Repeat, The White Mouse Will Not Explode!

It's interesting to me how immigration has become such an important issue in the 2008 elections. Obviously there are issues stemming from undocumented or illegal immigrants coming into the country, however, I don't believe it to be as important an issue as some. With billions being spent monthly to continue the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the economy losing it's luster, the housing market crashing and the terrorists who organized 9/11 still alive, who really would put immigration at the top of their lists?

So why is immigration an issue now? Can it be anything other than it distracts from Iraq? I mean if they really wanted to start solving the issue of immigration, wouldn't the INS and local law enforcement be raiding business that hire undocumented workers everyday? Like they say, follow the money. And when you choke off the money, the jobs go away for undocumented workers. And when there are no jobs, there is no incentive to cross the border. Ah, but clamping down on business is not a Republican trait, and therein lies the rub! You can build whatever obstacles you want, even a half-assed wall, but if there is a reward to their risk, they will come. Put it differently, "Build it and they will come".

So what is the answer to this issue? I don't know. Maybe it starts with a few people who leave party politics at the door, going into some smoke filled, dimly lit room and hammering out what is best for the US? Maybe it takes a President that can lead on this issue? Whatever it takes, it's not being done. Why? Because Republicans couldn't run on the issue if they passed immigration reform, and Tom Tancredo would go away like the helium balloon a little girl at the carnival lost the grip of.