Thursday, November 29

I Was Watching Springer And A Republican Debate Broke Out

Whether it was the strong resemblance of some of those who submitted questions to members of a Springer audience, or the booing and cheering that accompanies Steve breaking up a fight between two trailer-trash relatives, the CNN/YouTube Republican debate last night was another example of the dumbing down of America. Only matched by the former President Bill Clinton now saying he was against the war from the beginning, but I digress.

I know it might seem like an insult to compare the debate to the Jerry Springer show, but what else could one think? Maybe it was the teen throwing a shotgun around or the teen cuddling up to the Confederate flag that made me realize it. All of which had a nice chorus of boos and cheers. Seriously though, the thing that always stuns me with Republicans, is their interpretations of the Bible.

The twisted logic happened when the candidates said they believe the Bible is the word of God, all except when God says, "Vengeance is mine" or "Vengeance belongeth unto me". And then the preacher man, Mike Huckabee, says that if it is the will of the people, we can exact vengeance ourselves. If you believe the Bible is the word of God, then how do you justify going against God's "own" words? And there is obviously no deterrent factor with the death penalty, because people keep killing people.

Right now, if you look at the candidates from both sides and imagine them as used car salesman, who would you buy a car from? Would it be the salesman who looks perfect? Their hair never moves and their attire and talking points are planned days in advance?(Romney and Edwards) Maybe you would you buy it from the one who can explain how every part in the car was assembled and how it works?(Kucinich and Paul) Maybe it is the long time person who just knows the car business, the good and the bad?(Richardson, Biden and Hunter) Or maybe it's the one who keeps telling you with every car, "This is the one for you"?(Clinton and Giuliani) No, for me it would be the one who helped me find the right car, answering your questions honestly, whether you like the answer or not. Right now, that is Sen. Obama on the left, and I would assume Gov Huckabee on the right.

It's a shame CNN made a mockery of what was a novel idea. Let Americans ask their questions right to the candidates. Instead, we get stereotypical questions from stereotypical Democrats and Republicans. Not to mention that CNN screwed up and didn't vet the their questions enough. I have no problem with a Democrat asking a question. To deny that would go against what a campaign is about. But to have a person who is part of someone's campaign, is wrong. Regardless of whether their point was valid or not.