Monday, November 26

A Change Is Coming

It started in Spain and has begun to spread throughout Europe, and now it has reached Australia. And for a brief moment, it visited the US Congress in 2006. Leaders around the World who voluntarily, or forced through policies, stood next to Bush over the last 5 years, are being replaced by those who promise to move away from Bush and his policies.

These aren't your countries that gave 4 troops and a hand grenade to the war in Iraq, these are the President's biggest partners. UK, Spain and now Australia. Ironically enough, France is one who has moved closer to the President with the election of Sarkozy.

I have been a Bill Richardson supporter well before the debates and campaigns began, however, it is Obama that is I find myself moving to. Maybe it happened when Gov Richardson drank the kool-aid and stuck up for Hillary? Or maybe it was when he decided that he was running for VP? Whenever or wherever it happened, somewhere along the line, he has lost the momentum with me. It is hard to be the candidate of change, when you defend someone like Hillary, who is anything but change.

The first step to change is, not having a Bush or Clinton(or any of their apologists) as President or Vice President. The past 27 years has been enough for me. It is tough to swallow that a "free" country the size of the US, has only two families to choose their President from.