Thursday, April 5

$4.00 Gas Here Soon

Some experts are saying that $4.00 a gallon gas might be here this summer.

(ABC) "Things are looking pretty bad for the upcoming summer driving season," said Flynn, citing a new government report showing that the U.S. stockpiles of gasoline fell by 5 million barrels in the past week, much more than analysts were expecting.

Flynn said he believes gasoline prices will head into record territory — currently a nationwide average of $3.07 — by the height of the summer season.
Good thing we helped stabilize oil prices when we invaded Iraq. And if we continue to listen some, we now need to invade Iran to help stabilize oil. I'll throw this out there, but maybe if we stop invading, or threaten to invade countries, we might be able to stabilize the price. But that isn't what certain people in this country and and in that region want.