Thursday, April 5

Edwards Campaign Spams Well Wishers

Anyone who might have sent an email to the Edwards wishing them well after Elizabeth revealed her cancer had come back, probably got sent a political email in return. It turns out the email addresses were used for fund-raising requests.

(NY Post) But people who've been sending such well wishes have been hit with e-mail solicitations from Team Edwards, asking for donations just as all candidates are looking to post big online fund-raising numbers.

In the letter, Edwards says the pair is staying optimistic and fighting hard for Elizabeth. Below the letter is a space for writing the couple a message - which can't be sent without all sections completed, including one asking for the sender's e-mail address.

That, in turn, is added to the campaign's online database for boosting Internet donations.
Whether this was done with good or bad intentions is irrelevant, it just sits wrong with me. Plus, it makes those who defended him when others said this whole thing was political, look silly. I hope nothing but the best for Elizabeth Edwards and Tony Snow, but diseases shouldn't be used for political advantages.

With that said, I have no idea what the fine print said. If it said any email submitted will be collected and added to the campaign's database, then it's legit, but still in bad taste.