Wednesday, September 27

Get Some Thick Skin Already!

I am starting to get tired of Muslims being offended. When something like Abu Ghraib happens, scream your lungs out. But when cartoons and now opera's are part of the problem, you minamize, or trivialize the real problems and prevent solutions.

(BBC)The Islam conference was a landmark initiative to improve the integration of Germany's three million Muslims.

It was overshadowed by the row over the opera Idomeneo. In one scene it was to show the severed heads of the Prophet Muhammad, Jesus Christ and Buddha.

Chancellor Angela Merkel condemned "self-censorship out of fear".

"We must take care that we do not retreat out of a fear of potentially violent radicals," she said. She was speaking after the Deutsche Oper in Berlin decided to call off November's production of Idomeneo, citing "incalculable" security risks.
Another thing, how come Muslims in the U.S. don't riot over these things?