Friday, June 9

Who Can The Republicans Piss Off Next

Middle East, Europe, Asia, Russia, Africa and most of South America. They have already declared war on Mexico over border control and immigration, even though almost half of the illegals come here legally. So let's make it a clean sweep of North America and turn the Right's hate toward Canada.

(Reuters)Canada's government and main opposition party united on Friday to condemn "completely uninformed and ignorant remarks" by a U.S. member of Congress who said Canada was a breeding ground for terrorists.
So who is that uninformed and ignorant politician?
John Hostettler, chairman of the House of Representatives subcommittee on immigration and border security, said on Thursday that Canada "hosts an abundance of terrorists and as many as 50 terrorist organizations".
He should now about terrorists groups since Indiana was home to possibly the most powerful branch of a terrorist group ever in America!