Monday, June 5

Not All "Illegals" Cross A River

I know many people would have you believe that it the Mexicans or Latinos from Central and South America who are walking across the Southern border. They tell us walls are needed and the Mexico government is to blame. If all you did was listen to Lou Dobbs, you would think that Mexico is enemy #1. Unfortunately for those racists, almost half of the " Illegals" in the U.S. have come here legally. But you will never hear them say it.

(AP/Yahoo)The little-acknowledged reality is that nearly half the estimated 12 million undocumented foreigners in the United States entered on bona fide U.S. visas — and simply never left. Authorities call them "overstays" who have been largely overlooked in the vitriolic debate on immigration.

"The southwestern border gets all the attention, but it's staggering the number of people who come and overstay their visa," said Dean Boyd, a spokesman for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Washington. "It's a very large-scale problem."
Why is it that politicians like Sen. Tancredo never mention overstays when he is on his soapbox?
Confirming those findings or knowing the home country of those who overstay their visas is tricky because U.S. authorities don't track the problem. Immigration authorities also generally don't compare entry and exit information to see who should have left the country.

"There's no annual reports published on visa overstays because obviously these people are hiding and don't want to be found," Boyd said.
This is how terrorists are going to come here. They are not going to cross a border on foot. They will fly into our airports or cross the border in a car legally. So when they tell you that building a wall is in the National security of the U.S., ask why they are only worried about half of the problem!