Friday, June 9

My Fellow Democrats Need To Focus On The Prize

For all of the those on the left like myself that blasted Bush, Frist and other Republicans for playing politics with gay marriage, English as a national language and flag burning laws, don't we lose the high ground when we have Dems do this?

(AP/Yahoo)The Texas Democratic Party won a temporary restraining order Thursday blocking the process that would name a replacement for Republican U.S. Rep. Tom DeLay on the November ballot.

Democrats are trying to keep DeLay's name on the ballot, which would also keep his legal problems in front of voters. DeLay leaves Congress on Friday.
No one is going to vote for a Democrat just because Delay is on the ballot. Why do Democrats focus on stealing away Republicans? There are millions of people who don't vote or who haven't been encourage enough to believe voting makes a difference. So why pull a Hillary and try to appease the middle when there is a untapped reservoir of voters to appeal to? Not to mention you won't have to sell out liberal principles in the process!