Monday, November 13

Wal-Mart Watch: Day 3

UPDATE 2: Here is the side by side in case anyone needed to see that it wasn't a Photoshop or Gimp trick.

Update: It could be awhile before I am home so here is today's shirt and receipt. And later I will do a side by side in case anyone has doubts.
(click to enlarge to read print)

Today I decided to stop at a Wal-Mart in the greater Schaumburg area, and like the previous Wal-Marts, I found a stack of Nazi t-shirts. I did buy one this time, and when I get home I will put up pictures of both shirts and receipts together so people know I am not making this up.

With the avenues of communication available today, there is no reason that more than 72 hours later, Wal-Mart still hasn't been able to reach its stores to have 1 item pulled from it's shelves. So as a wise man said, is this just lip service on Wal-Marts part? Do they not take the Holocaust seriously? Are they really more concerned with bottom line then with ethical standards? At this point it seems to be "Yes to All".