Thursday, November 20

Why Detroit Should NOT Get Bailed Out

I am not saying that something shouldn't be done, but when I see a commercial on TV, this very morning, for the new Hummer H3T(which uses a V8 instead of the inline 5 of the H3)I have to say, the what now? Yeah, I know the Volt is coming and it is the savior for GM, but if they are gonna keep selling and producing vehicles that won't sell, is that the fault of a poor economy? Or is it more poor planning from Detroit that you and I will have to pay for?

Since the only stupid idea, is the idea not said, how about a merger or two in the American motor sector, or if nothing else, a little consolidation of the brands? Maybe instead of having a street full of Chevy, Buick, GMC, Hummer, Saturn, Pontiac and Cadillac dealers, you have a GM dealer that has all the brands?

How about stopping the duplicate car making. For years, GM has made a car or truck, which they change a few exterior details, and called one a Chevy and one a Pontiac. Did we need the Cavalier and the Sunbird? Did the Camaro and Trans Am battle for the same buyer? Does every GM brand have to make an SUV that looks the same except for the brand logo on the hood or grill? Is there really a difference between Chevy trucks and GMC trucks? Basically I am saying, it should be a GM Impala or a GM Vue or a GM G6. And of course, they can always just make better vehicles and stop making cars with the philosophy that defects can be fixed under warranty.

When I was turning 16, I wanted a Camaro. Not because I wanted to buy US, but because it was a Chevy Camaro. If I was 16 now, the last place I would go to would be Chevy. GM, Ford and Chrysler need to find their way again, and maybe the Volt will do that GM, but something tells me not as much as people hope.