Wednesday, October 15

Dare To Dream

That this country has more to offer than George Bush and Sarah Palin. I have grown tired of the 10 word phrases that appeal to people with the mentality of a toad. And today Palin, and I am sure tonight McCain, brought out the standard bearer for the right; "You can spend your money better than the government can". But if you look at the amount of debt Amreicans have, you have to wonder who they are talking to? How someone making $35-50k a year can actually be fooled into believing that tax cuts for them, while restoring tax rates to people who make a minimum of "7x" what they do is unfair, just is mind blowing to me.

Now that we have had eight years of Bush policies, the odds that someone currently making $35-50k ever making $250k a year without winning the lottery are as good as becoming a starting QB in the NFL. Yes, four more years of the same fiscal irresponsibility and a lack of curiosity to fix it, are just what America needs!