Tuesday, September 30

If McCain Is So Worried...

Then why is he doing interview after interview on TV and not on the phone or in Washington? The show that Sen McCain has put on this last week and a half is worthy of an award.

Act 1 - Sen McCain and Sen Graham lead the fight for deregulation of everything they could, including the financial institutions.

Act 2 - Sen McCain sits on the sidelines saying everything is okay and that the fundamentals of our economy are strong while supporting the Bush tax cuts and corporate welfare programs.

Act 3 - Sen McCain rides in on his white horse and claims he is the only one who can save us from those evil bastards who want to deregulate our country!

Do people really buy this crap from him? My friends, this man can't decide if it is night or day with the economy. To be fair, I don't think Sen Obama himself could solve this problem either. But he isn't out on TV claiming he, and ONLY he, can save the country. My friends, saying you are not being political or partisan and that you are putting the country first while doing nothing, is nothing more than a trick.