Wednesday, May 28

Oil, Nation Building And Propaganda Are Why We Are In Iraq

So says McCain and former Bush loyalist Scott McClellan.

For 6 years, myself and others were ridiculed and called every name possible by those who were fooled by the Bush Administration(Cheney). But today, it is them that have to accept that what they were promoting were nothing more than lies and propaganda to reshape the oil rich Middle East into a more American friendly area. And by more American friendly, I mean more friendly to companies like Haliburton. I think what is clearer than ever is, that Dick Cheney has been running this country like a war for profit business over the last 7 years.

And unfortunately, revelations like this by McClellan will do nothing to quiet any theories that the WTC attack was an inside job or if nothing else, was not stopped because of what they wanted to do in Iraq and the Middle East.

And if you want to have 20/20 hindsight, take a gander at this.