Monday, April 14

Damn Right I'm Bitter!

I am bitter when our government gives tax breaks to billion dollar business while that business is making record profits and we are paying record prices for gas.

I am bitter when our government lies to us about a war of choice and wastes billions and soon trillions of dollars. Not to mention the brave men and women killed for their war of choice.

I am bitter when our politicians talk about this bullshit when Iraq, the economy, value of homes, health care and the ever rising costs of living are all going to hell.

I am bitter that in this time of challenges we are facing, our politicians are holding hearings on baseball and steroids.

I am bitter that our rights to privacy are slowly being stripped away by my government.

I am bitter that a Republican and Democrat in Washington D.C. can't sit down with each other and hammer out a piece of legislation that helps Americans without worrying about party politics.

And I am extremely bitter that Americans are so soft skinned that we can't take any criticism without pounding our chests and saying how great we are. Case and point The first step to fixing the problem is admitting we have one!