Thursday, March 27

Bill Clinton Wants To Divide The Party Even More

I am pretty sure at this point that even Sherman would be proud of the Clinton's scorched earth policy, and there appears to be plenty of gas and matches left. Now Bill wants to "saddle up and have an argument". Nothing makes the point better than Bill saying, “If a football player doesn't want to get tackled or want the risk of an occasional clip he shouldn't put the pads on.". Which if you follow football, is a penalty that often injures the clipped player. So apparently their goal is to hurt rather than win. But what else can they do? Pretending Hillary has taken gunfire didn't work.

How about this illegal clip,

Leading contributors to Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton intensified their effort to keep the Democratic presidential contest alive on Wednesday and urged Speaker Nancy Pelosi to stay out of the superdelegate fight, admonishing her for suggesting that the candidate ahead in pledged delegates — now Senator Barack Obama — should become the nominee.
I mean, how dare anyone try to say that superdelegates should vote for the person ahead in delegates, votes AND states won. What are those people thinking? Don't you know, is the biggest liar that gets elected to office? Who needs principles anyway?

Yet coincidentally, when Chelsea tells a Hillary supporter, "that is none of your business", we are told she isn't part of the game. Really? If she is going around to 70 colleges and universities speaking on behalf of her mother, she isn't part of the game? Hey, if you are going to be part of Presidential campaign, you are fair game. And according to her own father, worthy of being clipped a little. If Chelsea doesn't want to be asked tough questions, regardless of what you think of the question, then she should go home and not do "public" speaking on behalf of mommy.

I keep hearing talking heads say that the party is close to having irreversible damage done. It's not close, it's about a mile behind us now. It was this type of politics in 1992, my first presidential election, that turned me off the Democratic party. I said it before, I have never voted for a Clinton or a Republican, and I have no intention of changing that this year.