Sunday, February 17

It's Getting Pretty Pathetic In Camp Hillary

First it was an idiotic attack ad that challenged Sen. Obama to more debates, which Sen. Obama replied to. And now the newest attack from Camp Hillary has to do with general election financing. She, I mean Camp Hillary, is attacking him because he won't commit to spending limits in the general election.

For the record, Camp Hillary hasn't committed to it either. And it would be dumb for either candidate to say yes to that until the "nominee" has spoken with McCain. Unless Howard Wolfson is saying that Hillary is dropping out and he is now working for McCain? What's next for that slime ball Wolfson? I know, Sen. Obama can't be trusted because he wears red ties. How can Obama be for change when he wears red ties?

To me, trust becomes an issue when you vote for a war and now say it was the wrong war, but refuse to say your vote was a mistake. That is a real trust issue.