Monday, February 18

100 Year Anniversary of Last Championship

Spring Is Eternal......Once Again!

Ah yes. The smell of freshly cut grass, greener than any crayon from Crayola. The recently laid foul lines and the bright white baseballs. The crack of virgin bats untainted by pine tar and rosin, and in Sammy Sosa's case, cork. Players with numbers like 94 and 73 on the back of the Cubbie Blue practice jerseys. And smiles all around Cub Nation. Yes, Spring Training is here!

This year marks the 100th year since the Chicago Cubs have won a World Series Championship. Which means there might not be a person alive in the world who really can say they remember what it is like to watch the Cubs win a World Series. And not to be pessimistic, but I am a Cub fan, this season doesn't appear to be the year that streak stops. But I will go into the 2008 season fully behind what Lou Piniella is trying to do. After all, he won the division last year with a team that I didn't think had much of a chance. Go Cubs!