Wednesday, December 19

There You Go Again Senator

It appears once again that Congress, more specifically the Senate, is taking on the tough issues of the day. The war in Iraq? Naahh. The housing crisis? Naahh. The fading Dollar? Yeah right. I know, it must be the border? One more guess.............nope, it's not China either. It's Thursday night football on the NFL Network.

I already got on my soapbox about this topic already, so I won't rehash. But it appears today that Sen. Leahy and Sen. Spector are sending a letter to the NFL to warn them about anti-trust laws. So I sent Sen. Leahy, or some poorly paid aide, an email.

Dear Mr. Senator

Good evening. I was just watching ESPNEWS and they mentioned that you and Sen. Spector were sending a letter to the NFL regarding games not being shown on free TV. Obviously my first thoughts were, I thought they were busier than this in Congress? Then I figured some website or group funneled angry and uninformed people your way. But that is when I realized that the cable companies, who apparently not only have a great working relationship with the White House and the NSA, also have a working relationship with you.

Before you point the finger at anyone, ask yourself why the cable companies charge their customers for the NFL Network while DirecTv offers it for free? Then ask yourself, does the contract with DirecTv and the NFL for Sunday Ticket have anything to do with the cable companies making the NFL Network a pay channel? And maybe, just maybe, if that many people were blocked by "their cable companies", the anti-trust letter should be sent to the cable companies instead.

I hope Congress, if they are really going to waste the taxpayers' time and money on this now, will also look at the cable companies role in this happening to millions of NFL fans.

Thank You.
For the record Senator, during the time it took me to write the email, send it and write this ridiculous post, American Taxpayers spent $4,000,000 in Iraq. But by all means, make sure Thursday night football is on TV.