Friday, October 12

Why Al Gore Shouldn't Run For President

First of all, congratulations to Al Gore for winning the Nobel. With that said, PLEASE don't run for President! Why you ask? Well, it's the very thing he won the Nobel for, the environment!

Whether you agree with him or not, he has brought a great deal of attention to this topic. After all, Galileo took a lot of criticism for contradicting Aristotle. Eventually, the geocentric mentality went bye bye. Mainly because Galileo didn't give up doing what he was doing, and that is why Al Gore shouldn't give up doing what he is doing. And while I would vote for him, since I did once already, I am afraid that the issue of the environment will get lost if he were to get elected.

The environment is a big enough issue for Al Gore to deal with by itself, he doesn't need to get involved in the mess known as the United States Congress! Besides, they are too busy going after political pundits!