Monday, October 8

Best Wishes To Crandon, Wisconsin

This morning I turned on the TV to see a story about 6 dead in a small Wisconsin town. My first thought was, "Wow, those Packers' fans are taking it hard." In all seriousness though, it turns out the small Wisconsin town they were talking about, happened to be where I was 8 days ago for the Jeep Jamboree. And the place where all the Jeepers met up, was only two or three blocks from where this took place.

Crandon is truly one of those Mayberry like towns. If you have seen the movie, Doc Hollywood with Michael J Fox, that's what Crandon is like. Everyone knows each other. In fact, the President of the Chamber of Commerce came to talk to all us Jeepers to say the town was 100% open to us. He would open the auto parts store, the mechanics were all on standby and the police warned before issuing any tickets to a Jeep. One of the local pubs/restaurants, Copper Country, supplied all the food and drinks for the Jeepers. We used the Community Center to eat all our meals and meet up. To put this into perspective, this is the equivalent of 150 people being shot in a town of 100,000. This is such a shame.

I am sure there will be some type of fund set up for this, and when that happens, I will post it if anyone wants to help out.