Monday, October 15

Hello Hypocrisy, I Am A Republican!

Remember the outrage the Republicans had towards and people who live in reality? If not, here are a few links to review(Here, Here and Here). Yet those same Republican Senators are now taking Gen. Sanchez to task over his latest comments about Iraq.

Gen Sanchez on Iraq - "a nightmare with no end in sight."
So are those same flag waving, apple pie eating and pick-up driving Republicans now saying that Gen. Sanchez has betrayed us? You decide.
Sen. Graham - "I'm astounded, really," South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham on CNN's "Late Edition" with Wolf Blitzer on Sunday.
He added that Sanchez's own record in Iraq is blemished: Abu Ghraib "got out of control under his watch. The war in general got out of control under his watch."

Sen McConnell - Sen. Mitch McConnell, a Republican from Kentucky, told ABC's "This Week" that Sanchez is simply wrong. "My definition of winning is a stable country and an ally in the war on terror," he said. "I think we're making significant progress toward that end."

And Sen McCain - "I wish that he had given us the benefit of that knowledge at the time," McCain told CBS's "Face the Nation." He said Sanchez should have spoken out at the time -- or resigned -- but "unfortunately, that doesn't happen very often."
Um, Sen. Graham sir? What about the Republican President and the Republican Congress that ruled for the first three years in Iraq? Don't they have some responsibility for Iraq being out of control? I understand why McCain flip-flops on his positions, he is getting buried in the Presidential race so he has to be on the "right" side of every issue, regardless of past statements. But Sen. Graham is just delusional. And let's not forget that Sen Graham and Sen McFlippidy were part of that trip to Iraq where it was compared to Indiana.

What about Sen McConnel's passionate speech on the Senate floor about and the treasonous Democrats ? I say to Sen. McConnell and the other Republican traders, I give you an opportunity to restore you reputation!