Tuesday, September 18

NYTimes.com No Longer Subscription Based

As of Sept 19, the TimesSelect section of the NYTimes.com will be free to everyone. The Times has decided to go the way of the blogs and use advertising to make their money instead of subscription based fees. They also acknowledged the phenomenon of linking from blogs and social networks like Digg as part of their reason for doing this.

While some in the MSM have mocked blogs and internet news sites, it's funny to see them all copy what the blogs are doing. The "YouTube" type videos show up on their sites as fast as the they do on blogs, most news sites offer a comment section or a forum to discuss the topic and they offer you the ability to share the article through many social networks. But maybe the biggest thing the blogs have forced the MSM to do, for good or bad, is be "up to the minute". "Up to the minute" is also how we get stuck with Brittney Spears and OJ Simpson being "Breaking News", but until the average reader cares more about Iraq then Brittney and OJ, who is really to blame? I used to blame only the media, but this summer I realized, that not only is the average American not informed, they don't care or want to be informed.

None the less, it is a good move by the New York Times and one I hope more who currently offer subscription based content follow.