Friday, May 18

Doctor Falwell?

Enough is enough already with people gushing over Jerry Falwell. He was as much an agent of hate as the Taliban were. Here is a guy who said 9/11 and Katrina happened because "Americans" weren't moral enough. In essence agreeing with al Qaida and Bin Laden.

And this notion that he is a doctor is laughable.

Although he sometimes used the title "Doctor," Falwell held no earned doctorate. He held three honorary degrees: an honorary Doctor of Divinity from Tennessee Temple Theological Seminary [5],[verification needed] an honorary Doctor of Letters from California Graduate School of Theology (an unaccredited institution[6]), and an honorary Doctor of Laws from Central University in Seoul, South Korea (an unaccredited institution[7]).[3]
Central University in Seoul? Are you kidding me?

Over the last couple days, Christopher Hitchens has been doing the rounds talking about Falwell and promoting his book. In these two clips(here and here), Hitchens holds no punches on how he feels about Falwell and his followers.