Monday, May 14

Creation Or Evolution?

Christopher Hitchens was on FOX NEWS with Sean Hannity and they were discussing Hitchens' new book, "God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything". In part of the interview, the discussion goes to creation v. evolution. One of Hannity's points was that if you believe in evolution, you have to believe it created itself, that there was no starting point. He references God as that starting point for creation. But the question that I have is, who created God? If the problem some have with evolution is that there is no one who created energy, then are we to make the same assumption about creation because no one can explain where God came from?

If we use Ockham's razor theory and "agree" that the beginning of both creation and evolution leave people wanting more, what makes more sense? A mysterious man in the clouds made things the way they are? Or that the force of nature and energy created it?