Thursday, April 19

Harry Reid's Take On Iraq

Today Harry Reid said Iraq was lost, that it can't be won. And he still plans on sending the funding bill to the White House with language to end combat. His comments got the standard deflections from Republicans by saying two words, "the troops". The Congressman say how do you think "the troops" feel. The President complains that "the troops" won't be funded and will run out of money. What the Republicans and the President don't tell you is that the Army is funded through June. Plus, last years "Republican" Congress didn't get the funding bill to the President until mid-June. Almost running "the troops" out of money.

Reid's actions drew this response from White House tool Dana Perino.

(AP/Guardian) White House spokeswoman Dana Perino called the Democrat's stance ``disturbing'' and all but dared Reid to cut off funding for the war.

``If this is his true feeling, then it makes one wonder if he has the courage of his convictions and therefore will decide to defund the war,'' she said.
I used to think the White House was trying to push Democrats into a corner by saying that, but now I am starting to think they are hoping the Democrats end funding. This way they have a way out without doing what they have said they wouldn't do.

Here is what Harry Reid said on the floor today.