Wednesday, April 25

Busy Busy Busy

These last two days have been some long days. Between the meetings and the last minute hirings, I haven't been doing much news reading or watching. I need to make the money to live the elite liberal lifestyle. Hopefully tomorrow I can catch up a little.

I did watch Boston Legal last night, and if you are familiar with the show, the last few minutes is where Denny and Alan sit on the balcony and have a cigar and whiskey and talk about things. This weeks conversation was a timely, and quite on the mark commentary of the candidates for 2008. If you don't watch the show, Denny(played by William Shatner) is the conservative and Alan(played by James Spader) is the liberal. They are best friends and have a unique relationship. These two minutes from last night are vintage Denny and Alan. DENNY CRANE!