Tuesday, March 27

"I'd Certainly Like To Bring Sen. McCain Up To Speed!"

"If I have any difficulty hearing you right now Wolf, that's because of the helicopters circling overhead, and the gun battle that is blazing away, just a few blocks down the road......

And to think that David, Gen David Petraeus travels this city in an unarmed Humvee. I mean, in the hour since Sen McCain has said this, I've spoken to some military sources, and there was laughter down the line...
Those are the words of CNN International reporter Michael Ware who IS in Baghdad. This was in response to sen. McCain, who said on Bill Bennett's radio show,
"There are neighborhoods in Baghdad where you and I could walk through those neighborhoods".
And then later on CNN, Wolf Blitzer asked him about those comments and this is what he told Wolf Blitzer,
Ya know, that's where you ought to catch up things Wolf. Gen. Petraeus goes out there almost everyday in an unarmed Humvee. I think you ought to catch up."
What once was a great man, is now a shadow of himself.