Friday, March 2

How Good Is The Intelligence?

The more and more that comes out about what we know and what we are just guessing at when it comes to Iran and North Korea is somewhat alarming. We've heard in the past that Iran and North Korea are close to having a nuclear weapon, yet when top officials were asked about this, their response was anything but coherent.

(IHT) In testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee this week, Mike McConnell, the new director of national intelligence, said that it was possible that Iran could produce a nuclear weapon by the beginning of the next decade, but that it was also possible that Iran would not develop a weapon until 2015.

At the same hearing, another top official acknowledged publicly that U.S. intelligence agencies were less certain today than they were five years ago about whether North Korea was pursuing a clandestine uranium enrichment program.
Before we invade more countries or accuse others of things, shouldn't we be a little more sure of the intelligence? After all, it's not like the pre-war intelligence for Iraq was that accurate.