Monday, March 5

British And Iraqi Special Forces Raid Spy Unit In Basra

You know, the city that is calm enough that almost 1,600 British troops are leaving. During the raid, British and Iraqi troops found dozens of detainees that appeared to be tortured. And what was the response of Shia Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki?

(NY Times) Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki, a conservative Shiite, condemned the raid in Basra. He publicly said nothing about the evidence of torture.

“The prime minister has ordered an immediate investigation into the incident of breaking into the security compound in Basra and stressed the need to punish those who have carried out this illegal and irresponsible act,” said the full text of a statement issued late Sunday by his office.
Yeah, cause who cares about the fact that the Shiite-controlled units are targeting and torturing Sunnis. And who cares if this kind of stuff only extends and intensifies the civil war in Iraq, it's not like another country's civil war could affect us.

Unless it was a civil war created by destabilizing a country with an invasion that doesn't provide adequate security because the war planners botched everything after the initial invasion. Unless it was a civil war which will cost American taxpayers trillions of dollars. And oh yeah, unless it's a civil war where 140,000 + American lives are in the middle of it.

Obama and McCain were right, twice. We are wasting the troops by sacrificing them for a plan or an idea that is unattainable. It might have been attainable at one point, but the stubbornness of those running this war and unfortunately those profiting from this war have failed us all.