Wednesday, February 7

Peacekeepers Deployed On Israeli/Lebanese Border

The Middle East is like a minivan full of screaming kids driven by God. Maybe if there was a God, he could reach behind and smack the crap out of the them. But then someone would create a law preventing God from spanking his kids. Someone needs to spank ALL of them, because time-out isn't working.

(Guardian) The exchange, the first since a ceasefire ended a 34-day war last August, broke out near the Lebanese village of Maroun al-Ras in the central sector of the border. There were no casualties.

In Jerusalem, the Israeli army said shooting erupted on the Israel-Lebanon border during an Israeli operation to search for bombs planted by Hizbullah guerrillas. The army said troops operating in Israeli territory along the frontier came under fire and the source of the shooting was apparently Lebanese troops nearby. When the attackers refused to quit firing, the Israeli troops opened fire at them, the army said.
Don't make me take off my belt!