Thursday, February 1

NFL Stops Church From Having Super Bowl Party

The No Fun League has done it again. The Fall Creek Baptist Church in Indiana has been told by the No Fun League that it cannot have it's Super Bowl Bash. A Fed-X letter from the No Fun League told the church it could not host a party which it charged admission for a licensed No Fun League product. Fair enough. The church also agreed and said it would not charge admission. So all is good right? Nope! According to the No Fun League

(Indy Star) It objected to the church's plans to use a projector to show the game on what effectively was a 12-foot-wide screen. It said the law limits the church to one TV no bigger than 55 inches.
I'm no fan of organized religion, but even I am on their side in this situation. I hope the No Fun League has an "awakening" prior to Sunday.