Friday, February 9

KKK Making A Comeback

And they are doing it by using the Republican talking points on immigration. Maybe it's just me, but if I agreed with the KKK, I might re-think my position.

(USA Today) In the past year, the Klan has rallied or distributed fliers in Bloomington, Ind.; Amarillo, Texas; Denison, Iowa; and elsewhere. In each case, the white-supremacist group denounced illegal immigration or targeted communities with growing immigrant populations.

"It surprised me they came," says police Sgt. Randy TenBrink in Amarillo, site of a rally in August by the Texas chapter of the Empire Knights of the KKK. It is the only local KKK rally he knows of in 30 years. "The content of their message surprised me. It was so disjointed."
Congressman Tancredo's message of hate is spreading. I wonder how he feels now that he has the backing of the KKK? I'm sure it's a proud moment.