Tuesday, January 30

Pentagon Puts A Hold On Sale Of F-14 Parts

A couple weeks ago I linked to an AP story from CBS on how Iran was trying to buy spare F-14 parts. The article referenced a GAO report which showed how all you basically needed was a vehicle to buy parts. Well the Pentagon has decided to halt all sales until there is improved oversight of the sales.

(AP/CNN) The review will examine Pentagon policy for handling the spare parts and determine what should be done with them "in light of the current situation with Iran," Hooper said.

Iran, currently at odds with the United States and other countries over its suspected nuclear weapons program, among other issues, is still flying the F-14 Tomcat.
Pretty scary when the GAO and the AP catch this before the Pentagon. I guess better late then never. But what really sits wrong with me is the last line of this article
The Pentagon says it has followed all procedures in selling its surplus, including those instances in which equipment was acquired by buyers for Iran and China.
Shouldn't the only procedure be NOT to sell ANY parts to China or Iran?