Tuesday, January 23

Anti-Escalation: Not Just The "MoveOn" Crowd

We always hear from the conservative media that all the noise from the left is from extreme lefties or groups like MoveOn.org. It's done to make those on the right and in the middle feel more comfortable about their mistakes. Don't worry, it's just those wacky liberals, and you know those liberals.

Well the last thing you can call William S. Lind is liberal, and in his opinion piece for UPI, Lind opens up with both barrels.

(UPI) Relying on more promises from Iraq's nominal government and requiring more performance from the Iraqi army and police are equally empty policies. Both that government and its armed forces are mere fronts for Shiite networks and their militias. If the new troops we send to Baghdad work with Iraqi forces against the Sunni insurgents, we will be helping the Shiites ethnically cleanse Baghdad of Sunnis. If, as Bush suggested, our troops go after the Shiite militias in Baghdad and elsewhere, we will find ourselves in a two-front war, fighting Sunnis and Shiites both. We faced that situation briefly in 2004, and we did not enjoy it.

All this, again, adds up to nothing. But if we look at the president's proposal more carefully, we find it actually amounts to less than zero. It hints at actions that may turn a mere debacle into disaster on a truly historic scale.
And now with the approval of Bush and his policies in Iraq at 29%, this clearly is not what the country wants!