Thursday, October 5

Republicans Working Hard On Chewbacca Defense

For those who missed the episode of South Park when the Chewbacca defense was used, think O.J. and Johnny Cochran. Because to me, this is what it seems like is going on.

There are a lot of accusations being thrown around by Denny Hastert and now the Drudge Report about how there is a Democratic smear machine funded by George Soros behind all of this Foley stuff. Which ABC and George Saros has come out and said it is not true. They want the people who just watch the 15 sec clips to hear that and say, "I knew it. It's those damn liberals. You can't trust them with our security." And then the lemmings run and regurgitate the talking points. It's the Dems. The Dems have scandals too. You can't trust them.

Would Foley have resigned if this were not true. Would the parents of the page release their first statement calling there son a hero? The parents also said had they known about the im's also, they would have asked for different actions to be taken. Which begs another question, why weren't they told about those im's? Hastert and Drudge seem to be doing the dirty work of throwing enough doubt out there so people's heads just explode. Meanwhile it's Foley showing up drunk outside a dorm room hoping he can bend some college boy over his desk. But it's the Dems who are at fault because Clinton and George Soros.