Tuesday, October 3

Republicans Were Source For ABC

The NY Times has an article that not only shows other newspapers had been given this information, but ABC had it for awhile. It seems the attention started to pick up from this blog post. And as they say, the rest is history. I know a lot of people are thinking the timing around this is somewhat fishy. And maybe the fact that this info was going around in a campaign year, when isn't it, brings more attention to that fact.

If the Republican leadership didn't want this to become an election year issue, they should have been ahead of this last year. Bad politics. Which is why I know the White House knew nothing about this. If Rove had even a week to deal with this, it would have gone away quietly. He may be an ass, but he has a brilliant political mind. They could have made up some excuse of family and friends or health issues for Foley to walk away. Also what sticks out is that one of the emails received by the blog says that this guys(assuming) parents give a lot of money to the Republican party. How much did Foley raise in the last year? How much has he raised for others?

Here is ABC's Ross on Larry King