Tuesday, October 3

NATO Forces Prepare For Taliban

Not for them to become part of the government, that's Bill Frist's plan, but to combine the 20,000 American troops with the 12,000 - 13,000 NATO troops to have a whole 33,000 troops.

(UPI)"In two days, on October 5, NATO security assistance will be expanded to all of Afghanistan and most of the U.S. forces that are still operating on their own command right now will join the overall ISAF organization," Daan Everts, senior NATO civilian spokesman, said at a Tuesday news conference.

The shift was projected to take place later this year but was accelerated to consolidate international forces -- speared by a 21,000-strong U.S. contribution -- under the aegis of NATO to counter a Taliban comeback marked by the fiercest fighting since the hard-line movement's ouster five years ago for sheltering al-Qaida operatives.

Amid top-level calls for reinforcements, military officials say the incorporation of U.S. troops in the east will bump NATO troop levels up to about 33,000 and should improve tactical efficiency and coordination.
We can't secure Iraq with almost five times as many troops, how are we going to secure Afghanistan? I know, we can ask our friends in Pakistan!
Afghan officials insist Pakistan continues to provide sanctuary to Taliban and al-Qaida-linked militants to stage cross-border attacks, a charge accompanied by reports that jihadists with Iraq experience have offered bounties to Afghan militants to kill U.S. troops.
Is it just me, or can you feel the freedom just building by the minute?