Friday, September 15

Tale Of Two Perspectives

Two separate articles, both from Reuters, paint different pictures on how the talks with Iran are going. First the Bush perspective.

Bush, who will travel to New York next week for meetings at the United Nations, said he would press his case on the need to stay firm in the effort to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon.

"My concern is that they'll stall, they'll try to wait us out. So part of my objective in New York is to remind people that stalling shouldn't be allowed -- we need to move the process," Bush told a news conference.
And now for them damn French
"I think I can say honestly that we're making progress. It doesn't mean that everything has been solved. That would be an exaggeration, but we are really making progress,"
Maybe in the big picture they say the same thing, but the diplomacy or tact of the French, or anyone that isn't named Bush or Cheney, is encouraging. Bush and Cheney are always so negative and full of fear.