Thursday, September 28

I Got Your Tax Breaks!

For those on the right that like to paint those on the left as tax happy people, maybe we wouldn't be if you knew how to spend it.

(Reuters)The chief U.S. inspector monitoring how U.S. funds are spent in Iraq, Stuart Bowen, recalled his recent visit to the police academy, which cost U.S. taxpayers $75 million, and said he was shocked by the unsanitary conditions there.

Wastewater plumbing installations were faulty and urine and fecal matter oozed through the ceilings, depositing itself in light fittings. In one room there was so much water dripping through that the college director called it a "rain forest."

With about 140,000 U.S. troops still in Iraq, the training of Iraq's military and police is a key aim of the Bush administration, which says U.S. soldiers can come home only when Iraq's security forces can control the country.

"What could be a more important symbol than getting police trained for security and buildings which will give them a boost," said California Rep. Henry Waxman
This is just part of the $21 billion of your tax money that has been wasted. Regardless of the President or congress, either we are going to have to cut back or tax more. And since Bush spends like someone is always going to bail him out, we need to get rid of the rubber stamp Congress and elect Democrats to Congress.