Wednesday, June 28

The Prey Becomes Predator

We have all seen those NBC specials on catching internet predators, well this puts a twist on that situation. The prey becomes the predator.

(Guardian)Now, in an unusual case of role reversal, two Florida girls aged 13 and 14 have been charged with armed robbery after allegedly setting up a bogus profile of an attractive woman to snare lonely men. The pair are said to have invented the identity of an 18-year-old called Natalia, who they described as "just lookin' for some fun". They also posted provocative photographs to entice men into chatting online. One alleged victim told police he spent two weeks building up a relationship with "Natalia" before he was invited to meet her at an apartment in Jacksonville. But when he turned up, he claims, he was met by one of the girls, who said she was the woman's friend then robbed him at gunpoint.
Too bad it wasn't one of those guys from the show.