Thursday, June 15

Keep The Boots On The Neck

Texas GOP Sen. John Cornyn today on the Hill Blog made the comment

(Hill Blog)Maj. Gen. William Caldwell’s announcement regarding recent raids on terrorist insurgents is another sign of our military’s success in finding and killing terrorists. Congress is now debating a very clear choice: to continue that success, or leave Iraq in the heat of the battle—before victory is achieved. It’s never been clearer: When your boot is on your enemy’s neck, it’s not the time to quit.
Which was quicky responded to by Sen. Kerry
(Hill Blog)Want to win the war on terror? Want to deal with Iran's nuclear threat? Want to stop the Taliban from retaking Afghanistan? Want to stop Al Qaeda’s new beachhead in Somalia? I sure as hell do. I’m tired of a national security game of half measures where the same people who took their boots off Osama bin Laden’s neck at Tora Bora when he was cornered, now think we have to stay bogged down in Iraq forever and leave these growing threats unaddressed.
Which is basically what I was wondering when some Democrats were going to start saying that. For anyone to say that if it were up to Murtha or the rest of the Democrats we would have not caught Zarqawi, I say to you, where is Osama?

And now our wonderful commanders are propping up another chooch to instant fame by calling him the new Al Qaida leader(in Iraq). And if that wasn't enough they are showing his picture. For what purpose do I need or any other civilian need to know what he looks like? But it worked so well with Zarqawi so why not. And we continue to let Pakistan hide and give safe haven to Osama Bin Laden. Well, that's until they need to pull out their ace in the deck for the Presidential election?!?