Thursday, June 15

China Confirms 19th Case Of Human Bird Flu

A man in critical condition in a China hospital is the 19th confirmed case of human bird flu. While they have no real leads on how he got it, they mention of a market.

(AFP/Yahoo)"But at present, we still cannot clearly grasp the detailed information to confirm the source of infection of the patient in question.

"The relevant authorities' preliminary assessment is that the patient has paid a number of visits to wet market which also sells live chickens before his onset," Chow said in a statement.
But they never did seem to mention what if any action is being taken at that market or whether it was a site of interest already. The reporting on bird flu is sketchy at best sometimes. Articles, days or weeks after the fact report confirmations. Reports of new vaccines that are not really new but hybrids of current vaccines.

Along with responsible actions by governments, the media also plays a big role in the informing and assistance with bird flu.