Sunday, June 25

Cows Still Waging War On Chicago

While they look like other cows, there are cows who want to destroy Chicago for what it stands for. It seems that after Chicago opened the Union Stock Yards in 1865, the cows started to plan their revenge. The first attack was the Great Chicago Fire. And while the facts might not support the O'Leary cow theory anymore, I still blame that cow.

With the rebuilding of Chicago came workers who had hardy appetites that could only be filled by steak. (On a side note, this is where the name Second City comes from, not from being second to NY. The first one burned down and the Second City began. Get it right Wikipedia) So nearly 40 years later in 1910 the cows struck again in what one could only call a suicide mission.

In 1910 the cows, who still have not been connected to the fire, set fire to the Union Stock Yards. Which is where at one time more beef was processed then any other place in the world. Since then the cows and the citizens of Chicago have been waging war against each other. Whether it be suicide cow attacks in the middle of the night on the roads or our love for steaks and cheeseburgers.

The latest being the war on the price of milk. While the connection to the cows is kind of like the connection between Saddam and 9/11, they must have something to do with the price. Chicago pays more for whole milk than anyone except hurricane ravaged New Orleans and it was the highest in 2005.

We here in Chicago need a real alternative to "cows milk". Otherwise we will always be at war with cows.